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The loss of a loved one can be very painful. As a church we are well aware of this and the clergy are available to give their time to listen and to be with those who are bereaved.

A funeral service is an important way of marking the end of a human life on earth, in which we give thanks to God for the person who has died, commend them to God's love and safe keeping and pray for those who mourn.

Funerals may take place at St Paul's, or in a crematorium chapel. They may be quite simple services or great, solemn affairs, be attended by just a few friends and family or take place in a packed church.

There is a very clear framework for Church of England funerals, but there is also flexibility and the opportunity for the family to choose readings, hymns and prayers in consultation with the parish priest, so as to ensure that the person who has died is remembered appropriately. We are sensitive to the needs of those who have lost children or whose loved ones have died in distressing circumstances.

If the person who has died was a regular communicant, it is sometimes appropriate to celebrate a Funeral Mass or Holy Communion service, which helps us to focus on Jesus' death and resurrection for us and affirms our unity with all who have died in Christ.

Although St Paul's Churchyard is closed for burials, the Garden of Remembrance within the churchyard is available for the interment of ashes. As this has been designed specifically as a natural grassy area, we regret that it is not possible to introduce stone or other memorials within it.

In all cases please do contact Fr Kevin, the Vicar who will be glad to help.