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Baptism marks the start of the Christian life. Jesus told his followers to baptise those who had turned away from their old life and had begun a new life as his followers within the family of the church. It is also a sign of God's love for us, what the church calls a Sacrament - an outward and visible sign of God's inward and spiritual grace in and for us.

If you are thinking about what it means to be a Christian, or wish to explore Baptism for yourself or for your child, please contact the Vicar through the Parish Office.

If you are already baptised and wish to go deeper in your walk with God, or if are seeking baptism as an adult we encourage you also to consider Confirmation. A Confirmation Service is held at St Paul's or at another church in the Town Cluster every year at which candidates receive strengthening for service in the power of God's Holy Spirit, given through laying on of hands of the Bishop. Preparation courses for both adults and young people are run each year.

For more information about baptisms at St Paul's, please contact us.