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The Organ

The design work for the present instrument commenced in July 2009 and the old instrument was removed during the following months. Manufacture of the new Great, Swell and Pedal soundboards, along with the console parts, was begun in 2010 and installed ready for Advent Sunday. The Choir Organ, including the new Tuba, was manufactured in early 2011 and installed ready for Easter Sunday that year. The completed project took two years at a cost of 426,000.

Although the 1900 Norman & Beard pipework was used as the tonal basis of the instrument, the work was not treated as a restoration, but more of a new organ with its heart remaining in 1900. All of the pipework was cleaned and checked on the voicing machine, to ensure that every pipe was speaking correctly when it was replaced onto the new soundboards, and all of the chorus reeds were re-voiced with a brighter tone. Several of the 1985 tonal additions have been retained, but completely re-voiced to integrate with the original work. Three new replacement Mixtures and a Tuba, made for the project by Shires Organ Pipes Ltd, were added to the specification.

Apart from reducing the organ from 66 stops down to 44 (exactly the same number as in 1900), the following significant changes were made:
The Great division was moved west so that it speaks directly down the Nave.
The Swell division now has two sets of shutters controlled by one swell pedal.
The 3rd manual division was reconfigured as an unenclosed Choir Organ, rather than the previous 'Positive Organ'. A variety of unison flue stops were re-instated from store or transferred from other divisions of the organ, and all mutation stops discarded except for the useful Nazard and Tierce ranks.

The Current Specification

Norman & Beard 1878 & 1900. Hill, Norman and Beard 1939. Charles James Organs 2010.
Compass of the manuals, CC to C, 61 notes.
Compass of the pedals, CCC to G, 32 notes.
All pipework 1900 unless indicated.

Pedal Organ

1 Resultant Bass 32ft  
2 Open Wood 16ft  
3 Open Diapason 16ft A
4 Bourdon 16ft B
5 Lieblich Bourdon 16ft from Swell
6 Principal 8ft A
7 Bass Flute 8ft B
8 Fifteenth 4ft (1939) A
9 Trombone 16ft C
10 Trumpet 8ft C
i Great to Pedal
ii Swell to Pedal
iii Choir to Pedal
iv Swell Reeds on Pedal

Swell Organ

21 Lieblich Bourdon 16ft (1878)
22 Open Diapason 8ft  
23 Rohr Flute 8ft  
24 Salicional 8ft  
25 Vox Angelica (t.c) 8ft Tuned flat
26 Principal 4ft  
27 Suabe Flute 4ft  
28 Fifteenth 2ft  
29 Mixture 17.19.22 III/IVrks (2010)
30 Oboe 8ft  
31 Double Trumpet 16ft  
32 Horn 8ft  
33 Clarion 4ft (1939)
ix Octave
x Sub Octave
xi Swell & Pedal Combs Coupled

Great Organ

11 Double Diapason 16ft (Stopped bass)
12 Open Diapason 1 8ft  
13 Open Diapason 2 8ftt  
14 Claribel Flute 8ft (1985)
15 Principal 4ft  
16 Harmonic Flute 4ft (Bass 2010)
17 Twelfth 2 2/3ft  
18 Fifteenth 2ft  
19 Mixture IVrks (2010)
20 Trumpet 8ft  
v Swell to Great
vi Choir to Great
vii Great & Pedal Combs Coupled

Choir Organ (Unenclosed)

34 Open Diapason 8ft  
35 Stopped Diapason 8ft  
36 Dulciana (CC) 8ft  
37 Principal 4ft (1985)
38 Stopped Flute 4ft (1985)
39 Nazard 2 2/3ft (1985)
40 Gemshorn 2ft (1985)
41 Tierce 1 3/5ft (1985)
42 Mixture 15.19.22 IIIrks (2011)
43 Clarinet 8ft (1878)
44 Tuba 8ft (2011)
xii Octave
xiii Sub Octave
xiv Swell to Choir


8 adjustable thumb pistons for Great.
8 adjustable thumb pistons for Swell.
8 adjustable thumb pistons for Choir.
8 adjustable toe pistons for Pedal.
8 adjustable thumb pistons for Generals (1-4 right of Sw divs/5-8 right of Gt divs).
8 adjustable toe pistons for Swell/Generals (Duplicating).
Reversible pistons in Great Key-slip - Ch-Gt, Sw-Gt, Gt-Pd, Trombone.
Reversible pistons in Choir Key-slip - Sw-Ch, Ch-Pd, Tuba.
Reversible piston in Swell Key-slip - Sw-Pd.
16 levels of memory for the divisional pistons.
96 levels of memory for the general pistons.