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St Paul's to hold Rainbow Festival of Hope

In a show of support and positivity in these difficult times, St Paul's church in the centre of Bedford will be hosting a display of local installations under the banner, Rainbow Festival of Hope.

The rainbow has become known as a sign of hope, especially in recent months, and through the exhibition St Paul's invites people to come into its quiet and historical surroundings to reflect and enjoy some quiet time.

The installations will be provided by local groups, designed to express remembrance, hope, peace and gratitude. Visitors will be invited to write or draw their reflections on postcards which will be included in a memorial book and used in a service to mark the challenges everyone has faced during recent months. The festival will include a Requiem Mass for All Soulsí Day at 12.00 on Wednesday November 4th, when visitors light a candle to remember the people and things they have lost or are grieving for.

The festival opens on Friday October 30th and runs until Thursday November 5th, open each day from12.00 to 2.00pm.

Download Festival of Hope Poster

Faculty notices

Download   Form 4A - Public Notice
Download   Form 2 - Vestments
Download   Certified Minute - Vestments
Download   Statement of Needs - Vestments
Download   St Pauls Bedford - Statement of Significance - High Mass Sets
Download   Purple High Mass Set Fabric

Faculty notices relating to our installation of full Wi-Fi in St Paul's

Download   Form 4A - Public Notice
Download   Form 2 - Diocesan Advisory Committee Notification of Advice
Download   Pinnacles Wi-Fi Water - Certified Minutes
Download   Report to PCC Regarding Wi-Fi in Church
Download   Bedford St Paul 1043 Interim Faculty letter - 16 October
Download   Wi-Fi Cabling Description
Download   St Pauls Wi-Fi - Microsmiths (BT)

Details of Church opening for worship

St Paul's is open for Sunday worship. A range of measures and protocols are in place and must be observed to ensure everyone's well-being.

The church will be open at 09:45am for the Eucharist which starts at 10.15am.
The wearing of face-coverings is now mandatory.
Resourcing our members to take practical action to improve conditions for families, both nationally and in the communities in which they live.
  A limit of 60 people can be seated in the main body of the church. Seating has been arranged to accommodate a mix of individuals, couples and families.
  Social distancing rules apply.
  The service will be a Said Eucharist.
  We ask members of the congregation to enter through the North door and exit through the West door, making sure to use hand-sanitiser on arriving and leaving and before receiving Communion.
  Communion will be received standing at the front of the Nave and will be given in one kind only.
  After the service please leave via the West-door, no refreshments will be provided until further notice.
  Worshippers' details will be taken and kept for 21 days to facilitate Track and Trace, if necessary.
  Worshippers' are reminded to self-isolate if there is a confirmed case of Covid-19 in the household.

St Paul's Church is awarded 'Major Parish Church' status

St Paul's church in the centre of Bedford is celebrating its award as a Major Parish Church and being granted membership of the Major Churches Network, in recognition of its importance to the town.

The Major Churches Network is a body set up by the Church of England which comprises 350 of the largest and most significant churches across England which are not cathedrals but fulfil many of the same functions within their communities and includes some of the best loved places of worship around the UK.

There are strict qualifying criteria to become a member such as being a building of exceptional significance (often Grade I listed), being open daily to visitors, to have a role which goes beyond a normal parish church by fulfilling an important civic and cultural role and by making an economic contribution to their local area.

St Paul's qualifies in all categories - it is the biggest religious building in the St Albans Diocese after St Albans Cathedral, the civic and county church of Bedfordshire, and it plays host to events and concerts throughout the year. For the past year the new Bedford Visitor Information Centre - which replaced the old Tourist Information when it closed - has also been based inside the main body of the church.

Canon Fr Kevin Goss, Vicar of St Paul's said: "We are delighted to have received this recognition and to have been officially designated a member of the Major Churches Network. We welcome thousands of visitors every year and would hope this affiliation will boost the church's profile further, and in doing do attract more visitors into Bedford."

St Paul's is already a member of Cathedrals Plus, a body that promotes cathedrals, abbeys, shrines and major churches which already receive large numbers of visitors. The church is well-known locally for hosting the annual Christmas Tree Festival in conjunction with Bedford Hospitals Charity, attracting around 5000 visitors over the five day event.   
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